Money Tracs simplifies our administration. There are no cash differences anymore and we are always aware of our stock. Moreover, we always have a complete overview of the turnover per product, employee, customer and payment method. This gives us the necessary input to adjust where necessary.
Money Tracs is also linked to the accounting package - New Horizon (Cevi Logins) - of the municipality of Evergem. Since Cevi Logins is also a partner of Tracs Systems, this implementation went smoothly and very efficiently. In the meantime, our visitors are paying more often cashless, which benefits the safety of our employees. If customers still want to pay with cash, this is of course possible. The Pay Tracs payment terminal has been fully integrated with Money Tracs and our accounting system. A smart and extremely customer-friendly solution!
Our financial director, the counter staff and I are all equally enthusiastic about Money Tracs. This extremely simple and user-friendly application fully meets our expectations.