Thanks to PlanBookGo, our marketing materials and passes are always washed and completely delivered to our customers and partners. Moreover, our employees can easily find out where the materials are located. That saves us a lot of extra time and costs.

Bioracer also uses an in-house ICT expert from Tracs Systems to supervise the migration of our ERP package. An objective team of
consultants helped us renew our server infrastructure: our capacity and speed were doubled at a lower cost!

Danny Segers, CEO Bioracer

New data infrastructure

High-quality data that is also easily accessible is crucial for an organisation such as Bioracer.

Bioracer needed a high-performance and secure IT system with a good infrastructure. We delivered this together with Fujitsu, our preferred partner, and the expertise of VMware.

With the new data centre environment, capacity and speed have been improved. Moreover, the solution is fully scalable, which makes Bioracer ready for the next step in the hybrid-IT and Cloud story.