PlanBookGo is a multifunctional online reservation system. Efficient and reliable, hassle free and fast.


PlanBookGo makes life easier for your visitors and employees. With just a few mouse clicks your visitors can use this modular tool to reserve materials, locations and services and to pay directly.


Thanks to PlanBookGo's reservation system, your employees are relieved of their administrative hassle. Choosing PlanBookGo means choosing to work efficiently and manage events, materials, locations and services effortlessly. So yes, also for administrators! So they can work very quickly and efficiently:

Manage events; check number of persons and payments, make changes, cancel events,...

Communicating; with the visitors via direct mailing

Processing; processing a reservation of materials, locations and services, including all desired options.

Practical examples:

  • Utopia Aalst uses PlanBookGo to pay for tickets of activities, workshops, lectures easily and quickly,
  • Bib Bilzen uses PlanBookGo for reservation and settlement of bookstores on the book market,
  • Bioracer uses PlanBookGo for reservation and organization of marketing materials, but also for the hundreds of pas-sets that have to be covid proof from club to club ...
  • KRC Genk uses PlanBookGo for reservation, planning and settlement of the dinners at home matches.

PlanBookGo makes booking, payment and organizing easy and efficient. With a simple mouse click, the administrator creates a smart link between administration, communication and invoicing. From managing events and sending invitations to renting out materials and reserving locations or services. The multifunctional online reservation system PlanBookGo combines it all in one tool. Thanks to its modular structure, you can choose the various modules yourself, fully tailored to the wishes and needs of your organisation. PlanBookGo makes the lives of your visitors and employees easy and comfortable.

PlanBookGo is a multifunctional online reservation system that allows you to get started quickly and efficiently:

  • digital delivery, scheduling and administrative handling of products/services
  • manage events
  • send out invitations
  • rent out materials
  • book locations
  • ticketing / e-desk
  • service requests

Looking for examples of PlanBookGo in practice? Check out our references and find out what the online reservation system can do for you!


PlanBookGo is modular and consists of a basic module (user & groups) in combination with at least one main module (events, materials, locations, services). What does your organization need? Based on a careful analysis, we configure the basic module especially for you. Would you like to optimise the service to your customer or visitor after a while and minimize your administration? Then we are happy to help you with add-on modules such as ticketing, mailing and/or invoicing. Request your demo now

Basic modules

Main modules

Add-on modules


Working method

The online reservation system PlanBookGo has smart reservation and payment software that enables your organisation to offer, schedule and fully administrate products and services online without any problems. The user easily creates an account on the organization's website via smartphone, tablet or PC and logs in. Thanks to a link with the existing accounting system, PlanBookGo can even save an enormous amount of time for the financial and administrative department. It is even possible to use different rates. Do you have a promotion for 65+ or would you like to offer residents of your municipality a more favourable rate? This smart reservation system adapts to your wishes and needs.

Did you know that?

... every PlanBookGo formula tailored to your needs is configured by our professional team? can expand and optimize the modules of your own PlanBookGo at any time?

... a basic subscription starts from 500 euro/month incl. hosting & support?

... Tracs Systems follows up the application, analysis, implementation, installation, training and helpdesk all by itself?

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