More washes, better margins and less red tape? Then PayWashGo is the perfect all-in-one solution for your carwash.

Do more washings, higher efficiency and less traffic jams and administration sound like music to your ears? Then be sure to get acquainted with PayWashGo. Smart links within this all-in-one solution ensure optimal automation and efficient customer contact. In short, the common thread within your carwash.


How did it come to be?

PayWashGo is the answer to a gap in the market. An exploratory discussion with a carwash owner showed that today it is not possible to find a single payment and software application that meets all the requirements of a modern carwash. Apparently, several carwash owners shared his opinion. The Tracs Systems team saw the challenge and got to work. Smart, customer-focused and with a backpack full of expertise in ingenious hardware and software.

What's PayWashGo?

PayWashGo is the thread running through your carwash and makes life a lot easier for you and your customer. ANPR cameras, ATMs, website, marketing, loyalty, accounting, administration, ... All essential elements within your carwash are linked and controlled from one system. The result is a user-friendly tool that saves you time and brings you closer to your customer.


Benefits of PayWashGo in a nutshell

...for you as a carwash operator:

  • Fewer traffic jams & more washings thanks to optimal automation of processes
  • Fast & targeted communication with your customers about promotions, subscriptions, ...
  • Smart data to better analyse and steer your business
  • more customer loyalty & customer retention
  • less administration & handling

...for your client:

  • fewer queues
  • efficient carwash visit by license plate recognition
  • contact and cashless payment
  • easily consult invoices, add license plates, etc. via online application

SaaS solution

Together with our team, we have been developing the software and hardware for two years now. We deliberately offer PayWashGo as a SaaS solution (Software-as-a-service). This means that you ,as a customer of PayWashGo, are always entitled to the latest version of the software. So we are certainly not sitting still. We continue to make improvements, reinvent ourselves and you as a customer reap the benefits of that. Our team of software developers regularly comes up with new software features and can write the right software tailored to your wishes and needs.

Be sure to contact us for a free introduction to PayWashGo.

Service with the big S

As a PayWashGo customer, you enjoy a single point of contact at Tracs Systems. Our helpdesk will be happy to help you during the extended office hours and in the weekends. You have come to the right place for all your hardware, software and hosting questions. Pointing the finger at another party? Our all-in-one solution and service certainly doesn't include that. We are happy to help you, from A to Z.

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