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DeepFreeze Cloud

One platform for total control over your IT network.


Looking for the software to protect, manage and optimise your IT infrastructure? Don't search any longer because Faronics products are right for you. We are happy to help you with the most complete software packages to protect your IT network.

The best known Faronics products are now also available in the cloud. With DeepFreeze, Anti-Executable, Anti-Virus you can login 7 on 7 and manage your cloud software anywhere in the world.


Forget about all possible disaster scenarios that your IT network could get into. DeepFreeze Cloud gives your PC an indestructible look. With DeepFreeze Cloud you get to know how to work without any worries. A solid dose of efficiency and ease of use awaits you. Read more about this Saas solution and Faronics' most well-known software product.

DeepFreeze Cloud is available in 3 different versions. Each version is equipped with additional cloud modules. These modules - as described under the relevant DeepFreeze version - make managing and installing the cloud easier and more convenient. Moreover, they seamlessly connect to the stand-alone and network version of DeepFreeze.

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