Something you won't hear us say often: "Everything used to be better".
"It used to be a lot simpler" maybe.


Certainly when we talk about the changing distribution method in companies and brands. The chain of distribution channels was much simpler a few decades ago. From producer to store and from store to customer. Ready as a whistle.

Thanks to the advent of the World Wide Web, that lump has become somewhat cloudy. Companies and brands experience a completely different flow in their distribution market. Customers go online shopping and search for their product themselves. They do this through their favourite online channels; webshops, social media,... As a result, companies can often no longer focus on the intermediate supplier (store) as the only sales channel and start selling online themselves. However, they are faced with a dilemma: How can they generate direct sales to the end customer without upsetting their intermediate supplier? How can they ensure that they do not cannibalize themselves? …


How do we position ourselves in this changing market?

Today, this is the major strategic challenge for almost every company. In addition to carrying out this thinking exercise, it is important to develop a smart vision that also translates into practice. Prices, margins, kick-backs and other online rules play the main role in this. Then wait and sit back? Unfortunately. A clear strategy and meticulous vision need a smart technological implementation, of course with the right products. Tracs Systems is the right address for this as well.

Tracs Systems is your ideal partner for advice and rollout. We help you throughout the entire process of transition and distribution. From strategic advice and a creative interpretation to the technological implementation of the right products and the integrations with underlying systems.

We did this before at Bioracer. Curious about their story? Then be sure to read on.


E-commerce and an online distribution system

How can we make it as easy as possible for our customer? This question is the thread running through Bioracer's entire e-commerce plan. The objective was to develop an omni-channel strategy that always focuses on the customer and his experience. Together with the Tracs Systems team, Bioracer has developed an e-commerce strategy that respects their offline sales channels.

Thinking along and looking beyond technique.

The Tracs Systems team thinks along with the process and sets the right systems and products in motion.

Bioracer's omni-channel strategy is based on 3 main pillars:

  • pro-active: we don't let the customer search for himself but approach him/her pro-actively.
  • personalisation: the customer can choose the size, colour and design of the desired cycling clothing.
  • zero-effort: online purchase is hassle-free and fast, with a single push of a button the order is delivered to your doorstep.

When you go online to shop for Bioracer bicycle clothing, you will soon be directed to the Bioracer We make you faster page. As a private customer, you can easily and quickly make an online purchase here. Isn't this at odds with Bioracer's current offline distribution channels? Not at all, because the e-commerce team has come up with a smart solution for this. With every online purchase via the Bioracer website, you can enter the code of your local dealer. In this way, the client can enjoy the local service (e.g. exchanging for the wrong size, purchasing additional accessories, etc.) and the shop enjoys an interesting kickback fee.

In this way, the customer, intermediate supplier and producer are satisfied with the course of the renewed omni-channel strategy.

Are you looking for one partner for the right omni-channel strategy and solution?