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Time Tracs

Say goodbye to unnecessary administrative tasks and relieve your employees of unnecessary administrative tasks. Time Tracs is an integrated and secure management, reservation and reporting system for publicly accessible computers in (public) institutions such as libraries, universities, colleges, learning centres and cyber cafes.


The administrative hassle of reserving and managing public PCs is a thing of the past. Moreover, through the integration with DeepFreeze, the computers are protected against changes in settings and unwanted downloads. With Time Tracs, clients (users) of these institutions can autonomously reserve a computer session for the free or paying use of Microsoft Windows compatible applications. The online reservation module can be perfectly integrated with the website of your cybercafe or library. If you want to pay for Internet this can also be set up without any problem with possibly free credit per day or per month.

The print management of Time Tracs is seamlessly linked to Copy Tracs (if desired). This makes it possible for the borrower to collect his prints at the copier or network printer by means of identification.

The properties of the document to be printed can be chosen and modified by the user. Both users and employees can reprint documents.

Time Tracs will, after notifying the user that the session has ended, automatically log the user out at the end of the session and automatically initialise the computer with a 'clean' desktop for the next user.

The administrators can generate statistical information regarding the use of the public computers through the statistics module.

Time Tracs Touch

Would you like your visitors to make a contactless reservation for a PC of their choice? Then Time Tracs Touch is the solution for you. Library visitors can reserve the PC of their choice by means of a touchscreen - with an overview of all PCs. Here it is also possible to easily and quickly indicate when the internet session can start.


Thanks to Time Tracs Touch, library visitors are able to book a PC completely autonomously and contactlessly. This is done on the basis of member card recognition.

What can you do with Time Tracs Touch?

  • automatic startup via membership card, where the identification and management of the user is linked to the current customer base
  • PCs can be visually drawn on the map of the library
  • linking and integration with the library management system and Time Tracs
  • the reservations made are visible in real time in the Time Tracs back office application. The selected PC can only be unlocked by the reserving user
  • Time savings and more overview for library staff. Less nuisance at the information desk
  • Easy manageability & overview of available PCs. Including notification to the user until which time an available PC can still be used due to a subsequent reservation.


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